Successfully Manage Transitions of Care

Referral Management

Organizations can now electronically manage and track all care transitions across their entire referral network. The moment a referral is ordered in your EHR, InteliChart begins managing the referral life-cycle. Workflow management enables an efficient process from initial order and patient scheduling, to inclusion of visit information and test results, and finally tracking the patient to ensure the referral was completed.

Referral Management Dashboard

Allow organizations to queue all their outbound referrals ordered in their EHRs to be sent electronically to providers outside of their practice.

Referral Reconciliation

Referral auditing reconciles all pateints that were sent out for referrals and the status of those referrals to quickly identify which referrals need attention and those that were completed.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Managing chronic conditions is essential for organizations to improve and sustain their financial and clinical outcome goals.

Referral Scheduling

Connectivity with referral providers allows referring organizations to view the scheduling availability for the providers they would like to refer the patient to see.

Patient Reminders

Patients will receive referral reminders through both email and text message - in the event they miss their scheduled appointment, they will be prompted to reschedule.

Workflow Efficiency

Workflow Efficiency

Allowing referring providers to view receiving provider availability and either request, or in some instances schedule the referral appointment.

Visit Notes and Test Results

Information for the patient referral is electronically sent to the receiving provider and can be configured as a default to further expedite the referral workflow.

Alerts and Notifications

Both referring and receiving providers staff will receive configurable notifications in the event the patient misses a scheduled appointment.

EHR Integration

InteliChart's API platform enables EHR integration throughout your enterprise and across your referral network.

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