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A robust platform to accommodate each organization's unique requirements for Health Information Exchange.

The Power of a Single Platform

Patients who engage in their own healthcare can now do so on the same health information platform their providers and hospitals are using to view/exchange patient data.

One Standardized Patient-Centric Registry

With InteliChart, an entire healthcare system composed of hundreds of physicians in dozens of individual healthcare settings can view data from all of these locations as if it were stored in a single patient registry.

Vendor Libraries and Data Formats

Through a variety of methods and protocols, InteliChart can exchange data with virtually all acute care and ambulatory care EHR systems.

Private Information Exchange to Statewide HIE

InteliChart enables hospitals to easily “push” discharge instructions and diagnostic test results to ambulatory healthcare providers. Then, once a patient’s “shared” record is fully implemented, physicians and hospitals can view and exchange those records securely at both regional and statewide levels.

Shared Patient-Centric Record

A patient record that includes, in one view, aggregated data from across the patient’s entire healthcare continuum is the most powerful tool a healthcare provider can have today. InteliChart provides such a view.

Standardized Patient Data

InteliChart provides hospitals and physicians with a single data registry containing all the aggregate data on their patients. This data has been “standardized” so that it can be exchanged between any provider’s EHR, and “normalized” so that it contains no duplicate entries.

Analytics and Reporting

Quality care initiatives offer physicians who are willing to provide outcome reports the opportunity to produce additional revenue. InteliChart provides individual practitioners, hospitals, and community-wide healthcare organizations with the environment they need to fulfill reporting obligations.

Medical Homes and ACOs

InteliChart’s robust HIE platform creates an information exchange environment whereby the coordinating of patient care and the management of chronic disease populations is greatly enhanced and supported.

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