Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring

Home Monitoring

Chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, COPD, and obesity result in billions of dollars in preventable healthcare costs. As more organizations are inplementing value-based care models, managing patients with chronic conditions has become essential in improving financial and clinical outcomes.

Device Monitoring Dashboard

Manage all patients with home devices through one central dashbaord and communicate with both device-patients and their providers.

Patient Trending

Review a graphical display for all patients that are demonstrating undesirable readings over a user defined period.

Fulfill CMS Requirements

Turnkey solution provides all the necessary components required to satisfy the CMS criterion for chronic care coordination and CPT code 99490.

Value Based Care

Managing chronic conditions is essential for organizations to improve and sustain their financial and clicnical outcome goals.

Wireless Monitoring Devices

Complete spectrum of home monitoring devices securely transmit data through a nationwide wireless network without the need for phone-pairing or third party apps.

Wireless Devices
Patient using remote monitoring device

Patient Friendly Solution

Simple to use devices do not require any WiFi, Bluetooth synching, or USB connections, ensuring a simple and sustainable patient experience.

No Setup Required

Patients simply open the health-kit and use the device - requires no configuration.

Patient Portal Integration

Device use does not require an active patient portal session, however patients will see their historical readings when logged into their account.

EHR Integration

InteliChart's API platform provides the capability to deliver patient device results into your current EHRs.

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