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Streamlined connectivity for Private, Community, and Statewide Health Information Exchanges.

Connecting to HIEs

Regional hospital systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) operate most effectively through reliable, accurate health information exchanges (HIEs). It’s critical that your practice can engage in effective HIE with these various healthcare systems.

Hospital-Provider Connectivity

Connectivity between acute care and ambulatory care settings is a critical challenge to overcome. InteliChart bridges the gap with simple yet powerful interfaces through which your practice’s electronic systems can share/exchange your patients’ medical data with the electronic system of other healthcare providers regardless of their system’s vendor.

Common Hospital-Provider Interfaces

  • Admissions, Discharge, Transfers (ADT)
  • Hospital lab orders/results
  • Hospital radiology orders/results
  • Hospital transcription/document
  • Discharge summaries

A Graduating Flexible Scale

InteliChart can connect your practice to an existing HIE, or implement an entire platform for total information exchange between multiple medical providers. Our HIE solutions are fully scalable to meet any medical need.

hospital connected to hie

Hospitals to existing HIE

hospitals under regional system

Individual hospitals to regional healthcare system

practice connected to hospitals

Practices to hospitals

practice connected to practice

Individual practices to each other

practice connected to aco

Practices to ACOs

practice connected to pcmh

Practices to PCMHs

entire hie platform

Entire HIE platform for regional healthcare system

DirectTrust Secure Messaging

Federal interoperability standards now require that all EHRs can exchange Direct messages and attachments. InteliChart provides you with this critical capability by enabling physicians to share Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) with their patients and with other healthcare entities through a DirectTrust accredited health information services provider (HISP).

Bringing It All Together

The greatest challenge to unhindered health information exchange between providers, payers, and pharmacies has been the various electronic systems, vendor specifications, and data formats in use. InteliChart connects these disparate systems in a flexible network that enables fast, accurate, and reliable HIE.

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