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The foundation for Medical Homes and ACOs to perform patient care coordination.

Hospital Readmissions

Reducing the rate of U.S. healthcare facility readmissions is a key mandate for ACOs. Many readmissions result from gaps in care and incomplete data exchanges between a patient’s healthcare providers and disparate healthcare settings. InteliChart ensures that a patient’s entire healthcare continuum is presented with a single view which has significantly reduced readmissions therefore helping ACOs to achieve their goals.

Shared Patient Record

InteliChart organizes the aggregated patient data into a singular, contiguous view, ensuring that each of your patient’s caregivers sees the same information. This “shared” view encourages patients to engage in their own healthcare through the patient portal, and also improves outcomes by enabling each provider to view the patient’s record at the point of care.

Standardizing Patient Data

The data used by your practice’s electronic health record (EHR) system might not be compatible with a referring physician’s EHR, or with your local hospital’s information system, requiring the data to be manually input into the systems. Critical data can be lost and errors made that put your patients at risk.

InteliChart aggregates your patients’ data, normalizes it to remove duplicate entries, and maps it to SNOMED CT, resulting in a standardized data set that can be accurately exchanged between disparate EHR systems. This eliminates the need to manually input data, and can significantly lower your practice’s operating costs, while ensuring your patients’ safety.

Patient-Centered Registry

At the heart of ACOs and patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) is a disease registry that’s up to date and accessible to all physicians treating a patient. In addition, the data is cross-referenced and searchable, which helps physicians to identify gaps in patient care, and enables ACOs to produce critical analyses of disease populations.


Enabling patients to manage their own healthcare improves outcomes and fulfills meaningful use requirements. InteliChart provides patients with the tools they need to take charge, including appointment alerts, medication reminders, and lab test results.

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