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The challenges plaguing healthcare require more than off-the-shelf quick fixes or a technological silver bullet. They require a comprehensive review of the current practice state and the execution of solutions that address financial performance, operations improvement, strategic planning, technology deployment, and ongoing support and education. Drawing on the breadth of our knowledge, experience, and talent, the InteliChart Consulting Team creates business and technology solutions that will help you meet the healthcare industry's top challenges. Through these solutions, you can achieve:

  • Improved quality
  • Reduced operations costs
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved patient/physician/staff satisfaction
InteliChart Consulting

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The mission of InteliChart is to provide a comprehensive healthcare informatics, technology and consulting solution. By improving access to data, streamlining workflows, reducing costs, increasing revenue and achieving substantially improved operational effectiveness, we help our clients reach their healthcare delivery goals.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

For many organizations, implementation of healthcare information technology creates new and unexpected challenges as well as inefficiencies. This occurs when the organization does not reengineer its clinical and business office workflows to succeed in the new IT environment. The results are missed opportunities, under-utilized technology, greater physician and staff resistance, poor patient engagement and declining profitability.

Optimize Investments

Our consulting team is committed to assisting organizations in developing the processes and workflows required to optimize investments in their technology system, thusly improving their financial, operational and strategic performance. InteliChart understands complex healthcare operations and is skilled at working cooperatively with administrators, physicians and staff. Using proven methods of analysis, and impact studies, we will pinpoint your gaps and organize their solution plans into achievable goals. This approach enables us to create comprehensive solutions to your unique business problems.

InteliChart Consulting